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Stamped Concrete St. Joseph

stamped-concrete-st-josephInstalling a stamped concrete patio is a great way to dramatically increase the aesthetics of any home or business. It is absolutely worth to cost to invest in stamped concrete patios and the like because it will instantly add curb appeal to your home or business. 

Our concrete contractors in St. Joseph are masters of stamped concrete. Textured concrete can be stunning to look at and it still maintains the durability of concrete over other materials. Stamped concrete can and will last you 25 years or more. We can even do stamped concrete driveways.

Stamped concrete is cheaper than pavers because you can pour it and cover a large area very quickly and easily. Whereas with pavers, you need to purchase and install each individual piece. The drives up both the material and labor costs of pavers. 

Stamped concrete is highly resistant to cracking unlike some other popular backyard patio materials. That’s why we think it makes the most sense to opt for stamped concrete when you’re building your backyard oasis. Whether you just need a slab or you’re constructing a complete outdoor kitchen, stamped concrete is the perfect option. 

Stamped concrete can increase a home’s value by quite a lot. On top of that, it’s easy to wash and maintain. You can pressure wash stamped concrete just like you can any fence or sidewalk or driveway. But be careful! Stamped concrete is slippery when its wet. 

Stamped concrete offers a variety of colors to choose from too. No longer do you just have a greyscale color palette to work with. Now greens and reds and browns are available to you as well. If you need help selecting the perfect color of stamped concrete for your project, give us a call! We’d be happy to consult and help you choose something that will match perfectly.

We have:

  •  Roman slate stamped concrete
  •  Ashlar slate stamped concrete
  • Cobblestone stamped concrete
  • Flagstone stamped concrete
  •  And more!
If you already have a concrete patio or a concrete driveway in place, don’t fear! It’s possible to place stamped concrete on top of already existing concrete. No demolition or deconstruction necessary! 

Sealing stamped concrete is a breeze and something we can help you with. This is a recommended step to keep your stamped concrete patio looking great every few years or so. 

Our stamped concrete contractors use only the best materials available and have years of experience laying stamped concrete. Just check out our Google reviews for references. 

We are based in St Joseph but serve the entire area including Wathena, Agency, Easton, Country Club, Filmore, Northern Kansas City and more. We offer free quotes for all of our services. Just fill out the form to the right or give us a call today to get started on your very own stamped concrete installation.

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Stamped Concrete St. Joseph

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