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Looking for a fantastic concrete contractor in St. Joseph, Missouri? Our experienced team of talented concreters are on hand to advise you about your project and provide you with a bespoke quote. The attention to detail and outstanding reputation of our company makes us one of the most sought-after concrete contractors in the local area.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh driveway installation, hard-wearing flooring option, or you’re laying the foundations for a brand-new building, we’re on hand to help. We’ve help hundreds of customers install long-lasting, low-maintenance concrete structures, from outdoor entertainment decks to street sidewalks.

What is Concrete?

There are three main ingredients of concrete: cement, water and aggregates. The cement used to make concrete is made up of eight different chemicals: lime, silica, alumina, magnesia, sulphur trioxides, alkalis, iron oxide and calcium sulphate. The cement is first mixed with water to make a paste, and then combined with the aggregates, which make up approximately 75% of the mixture. 

‘Aggregates’ is a term used to describe coarse or medium grain materials used in construction, for example sand, gravel, crushed stones, slag or recycled concrete. As the mixture is combined, it hardens and bins the aggregates into a solid, durable building material.


Why Should I Install Concrete?

Concrete is an incredibly durable yet versatile material. It’s very long- lasting, flexible to work with, and low-maintenance once set in place. In addition to this, it provides buildings with a clean, modern aesthetic that is popular amongst many homeowners and businesses.


Concrete is an incredibly durable material. It is impermeable, weather- resistant, and also resistant to chemicals. It’s strong resistance to humidity, rain, UV and freezing make it an ideal building material for most climates. It’s a fantastic material for building outdoor surfaces such as driveways, patios and sidewalks.


Concrete is generally more cost-effective than other common building materials, partially because a variety of different types, quality and quantities of aggregates can be used in the mixture. For certain home building projects, such as building a patio, concrete is the cheaper alternative to wood, tarmac or tiling.


Concrete contractors are able to mold concrete into almost any shape, making it an extremely versatile building material. It can be stamped to create different styles and patterns, and can be used for a variety of different structures. The appearance of the concrete can be altered to make it look more like brick or stone.


Concrete provides homeowners and businesses with a clean, modern aesthetic that is easy to maintain and looks just as good in years to come. Polished concrete looks particularly spectacular, and is easy to keep clean.


If installed and maintained by experienced cement companies, concrete can last up to 100 years. Areas of concrete that experience more ‘wear and tear’ are not likely to last as long as this, for example sidewalks and driveways. In contrast, areas around the home, like garage floors or patios, will last much longer, especially if they’re maintained properly.


Another big advantage of building with concrete is its great energy- efficiency. It is fantastic at retaining heat due to its high thermal mass, which makes it a great way of reducing your energy bills and maintaining a warm (or cool) home.

Uses For Concrete

Concrete has a wide variety of uses in residential homes across Missouri. From driveways to decks, and foundations to floors, the possibilities are endless!


Concrete is a great alternative to materials like gravel, paving or tarmac for your driveway. The hard-wearing and versatile nature of concrete makes it a popular choice, as does that fact that it’ll last decades with minimal maintenance. Be aware that concrete can crack if it comes into contact with tough tree roots or pesky weeds, so these will need to be cleared out regularly. Our customers love the clean, minimal aesthetic and fuss-free features of a concrete driveway.

Pool Decks

Concrete is also a fantastic material for creating the pool deck of your dreams. It can be shaped and stamped into all sorts of interesting patterns, making it a popular choice for accessorizing a pool area. Its chemical resistance means it can withstand the constant splashes of water and cleaning chemicals.


Concrete companies like ours are experienced in creating amazing outdoor patio spaces for our customers. Materials such as concrete enable homeowners to make the most of their outdoor space, creating the perfect entertaining or play area for family and friends.

Concrete is long-lasting, even when subject to a large load and frequent use, which makes it perfect for sidewalks. Minimal maintenance is required, and concrete sidewalks can make the outside of your home look presentable year after year.



The strength and rigidity of set concrete makes it the perfect building material for the foundations of a building. Whether you’re building a new home from scratch, or building an extension to your existing home, concrete should be considered.

Garage Floors

Likewise, if you’re building or renovating a garage then concrete should be your first choice for flooring. It’s an incredibly hard-wearing material, which means that it won’t be easily compressed or eroded by constant use for storing vehicles or heavy objects.


We also carry out repairs on concrete structures, expertly filling in cracks and ensuring the structural soundness of the material.

What Are The Different Types Of Concrete?

There are a huge number of different types of concrete, for many different uses. Some types of concrete are designed specifically with domestic projects in mind, while others are designed for large-scale commercial projects. Some common types of concrete include normal strength concrete, plain concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, precast concrete, lightweight concrete, high-density concrete, air entrained concrete, ready-mix concrete and polymer concrete. Not sure which type of concrete would be best for your project? Get in touch with us to discuss your project and receive a bespoke quote.



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We’re expert concrete contractors in St. Joseph, Missouri. Our hard- working team of skilled cement contractors are trained in concrete installation, and are proud of the work that they do for our customers. We’re a reliable, personable team and pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

 We’ve earned our reputations as one of St. Joseph’s most sought-after concrete companies through our fantastic work ethic and irreplaceable expertise. If you’re looking to start a new concrete project in your home or business, get in touch to speak to a member of the team. We’re happy to provide you with a personalized quote for your job.

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We had a concrete job at our office building and reached out to Elite Concrete Of St. Joseph for a bid. They were on time, professional, and had the best price point in town. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable & quality concrete contractor in St. Joseph!

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I am so happy I found Elite Concrete of St. Joseph. Their prices are fair and their service is top notch. We needed to get the sidewalk in front of our house fixed before it started raining and they were able to come out the next day! I can’t recommend them enough, they’re the best concreters in St. Joseph!

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I cannot say enough good things about Elite Concrete. I needed a concrete contractor to come in and lay down some new driveway and curbs on my property. The old ones were crumbling, broken, and just needed to be replaced. So I called up Elite Concrete of St. Joseph, MO because they had great reviews online. They showed up promptly, did an excellent job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cement is a component of concrete. It’s made of lime, silica, alumina, magnesia, sulphur trioxides, alkalis, iron oxide and calcium sulphate, and is rarely used as a building material in its own right. When cement is mixed with water and aggregates, the mixture is called concrete.

When poured and maintained by trained concreters, concrete can last for up to a century. Concrete structures that have a very high usage and are particularly exposed to elements that can cause concrete to crack can last for between 30 and 50 years.

Concrete begins to set (also known as ‘cure’) from the moment it is poured, and continues to increase in strength until it is fully cured some 28 days later.

Yes, concrete can be poured in the rain, but it is far from ideal. Heavy rain can disrupt or wash out some of the cement in the mixture, making it a less effective building material. The concrete is also more susceptible to cracking if poured in the rain. The best way to combat this is to cover the area where the concrete is be poured, either during or immediately afterwards.

Due to the large amounts of water and energy that are needed to make and use it, concrete is not considered to be an environmentally-friendly building material. The creation of concrete creates carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. However, new materials are being developed all the time. Some forms of concrete actually absorb carbon dioxide as they set, and ‘green concrete’ is more commonly available now. This type of concrete is made using less energy, and recycled or waste materials from other industries.

Gravel is the most common material to be used under concrete. Not only is it tough and supportive, but it also provides great drainage for excess water. Investing in a good base reduces the amount of concrete you need to pour, and also limits the chances of cracking later down the line.

A concrete driveway typically costs between $8 and $18 per square foot to install. The total cost will depend on the size of the area that requires concrete, the design of the area, and any special textures or patterns that are required.

It typically costs US homeowners between $4 and $16 per square foot to install a concrete patio, depending on the level of detail and required finish. Stamped and stained patios will cost more than plain concrete, but are worth the investment for the interesting design.

Concrete foundations can cost anywhere between $5 and $37 per square foot, depending on the concrete companies and desired finish. Slab concrete foundations are cheaper to buy and install than poured concrete, but are less flexible.

Yes, cracks in concrete can be repaired, but not with more concrete. Specialist concrete repair mixes like the ones used by trained concreters include epoxy compounds, mortar mixes and latex patching material.

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